What is it?
It's a simple template for punching dental dam in a precise way. And is an educational tool, to push to perform adhesive procedures under isolations.

How to use it?

Align PacDam sides to dental dam’s angles and use a pen/felt pen to mark teeth to be punched.
PacDam is to be used both sides in a total of 4 positions, in this way for example all 4 quadrants can be marked. Click HERE to download the instructions

Is PacDam better than other templates/stamps available since many years?
No, it’s not better, it’s just different and … cooler! 
Great care has been taken to have the best reliable distance between holes (very important for good and reliable isolations).
A template allow you to mark only what you need on respect of stamps that mark everything and generally the ink is often leaking.

Can the PacDam be used only with 6’’x6’’ sheets? I use 5’’x5’’ !

It can be used with 5’’x5’’ also! just align the rubber dam corner in the middle of PacDam’s eye!

Why aren’t all the 32 teeth in the template?
You can use PacDam for quite all isolation needs. You should not need more holes. If you really want to extend, overlap!

Was the hole for the single tooth isolation necessary?
Isn’t it obvious and easy to make a single hole?
Yes, but think of students, beginners. 
This was first developed as an educational tool. Then it became a tool used by everyone.
By the way…  it’s cool! 

It’s the first time I use the dental dam. Which hole size shall I use?
Keep it simple, start with one hole for all: not the biggest one but the one immediately after. Later, with some experience, you will master hole size selection.

I would like to isolate from second upper molar to second upper molar…
Use your imagination… and… overlap!

Why there are only indications for first, third and fifth tooth?
PacDam is designed to be used both sides. That numbers will be readable on both sides and… less is more! ;-)

PacDam is released under the terms of the following Creative Common licenseSource LINK. An individual can produce it for personal use, but not for commercial purposes, it can’t be sold.

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